The Box

I’ve come up with a plan

I will write down everything I’ve naturally felt for you
And everything I’ve sacrificially dealt for you
And everything I’ve ever selfishly wanted for you
And everything I’ve ever foolishly imagined for us

Insane, right?

Then I will slip those tear-stained love-stained parchments of paper into a box
I’ll chain up those emotions
Carrying the beautiful burden to the ocean
Bury it under the heavy roughness of the sands
Over time my papered words will disintegrate
As waves crash and shake
Children born from love shovel up the sand
Towering castles topple as happy dogs kick up a quake
Real lovers frolic the shore, dipping their toes into petite pebbles
People carve their dreams, gratitude, wishes, remembrances and names
With gentle strokes and streaks into the sandy grains
Little knowing what lies beneath them

The box of everything . . .

No, what once was everything
Is now darkness

No future for us
Just salty dust.





1 Comment

  1. Hi Sehar,

    I read that first poem you have and it is beautiful. It is something I am experiencing currently so made it all the more …. Enjoyable?

    Anyways, thanks for sharing your writing.


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